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About the crunchyhub

crunchyhub is a website where i will post random stuff on so you can do what the fuck ever with it. You can contact me @ discord: crunchynoggers#4996 if you have any requests or suggestions. Also here's a little FAQ so you know exactly what's going on in here. Enjoy your stay @ crunchyhub.

What is the Unicode section?

I really like to play with special characters to create some interesting shit (inc. emojis, weird letters, invisible names and even crash codes.). I'll try to share them on to my site (in case i should release my crash codes i'm not responsible to whatever happened to your devices.) so you can... do... stuff...

What is the Blog section?

The blog is full with personal and technical stuff like update, plans and personal things. I'll try to document every progess of crunchyhub on the blog until i created the update index.

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